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Help for my comet please

Subject: Help for my comet please
by darknite on 24/4/2009 22:56:34

Firstly hello everyone, I'm a new fish keeper and do not know too much. I have one japanese shubunkin and one comet in a 72 litre tank. I have had the shubunkin for around a month now and he's doing fine, however the comet has been introduced into the tank about a week ago.

Today I noticed white spots covering its tail and thought it might be a pattern. Then later on the white spots have spread over the body leading me to think there maybe an infection or disease? For this reason I took the comet out (called Audi) and put it into a "hospital" tank. The comet is eating the food well but it sitting at the bottom not doing much. (the hospital tank is 4.4l) I know the comet won't move in there that much but I had to move it so that the other fish did not catch anything.

Does anyone know what this can be and how I can treat it. Any help would be appreciated. Also can someone tell me if the fish is feeling any pain due to this problem as i'm very worried?

Thanks in advance.