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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by lr85ninety on 4/4/2009 17:25:06

i think its all relative, my tangs got on fine no squabbles or anything but they all look totally difrent to each other the thing to remember is they get big and poo loads so having loads of tangs is rubbish if you want to keep a sucsessful reef as it'l be a constant battle with nitAtes, i have nitrAtes of between 5 and 10 as i went through a stage of over feeding(autofeeder went mad and dumped all the food in!) and its been a battle to get them down as i used to have nitrates of zero but thats the thing if you have a nano with high readings a big water change is easy with a 600l system its not we changed 100l a week for 4 weeks but its not the same as say changing 50% in one go.