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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by lr85ninety on 4/4/2009 15:25:45

dont think you see what howards saying your cuc and corals arn't gonna produce waste or at least not with any significance, the problem with cycling with animals in is the enviroment your subjecting them to, maybe your rock hasnt had any die off yet and maybe it wont but if it does you'l get an ammonia spike amongst other things which your animals have to live through, I for one wouldnt want to live in a toxic enviroment JMO one other point worth remembering when you have a descent size tank is although its easier to keep stable its a nightmare when things go wrong especially with water conditions as 500+ litres of water and god knows how much rock to move is a major job. My tanks roughly the same size as yours so i know what you'l be up against if it starts to go wrong, HTH