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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by Hodgey1978 on 4/4/2009 14:37:49

I think there are alot of different views around and as there is minimal commercial sense in the dealers advice I have decided to accept it. However, as the flake or two of food just seems to get lost in the tank I think I will stop adding it. The CUC just spend all day picking over the rocks which are very rich in life (the best I have ever seen in fact from said dealer)so that should be enough.

As for "perfect" water tests I am assuming that nil readings for ammonia, nitrate and nitrate plus PH/O2/PO4/CU/CA etc well within the correct ranges is as good as it gets? There are 2 small corals, three tiny crabs and two small shirmps in the system which is 550 ltrs in total inc sump (taking into account rock displacement - 700 ltrs total volume). How much waste can these things create in the context of that volume of water? I am testing the water every 3 or so days and unless I see the key parameters start to deteriorate then I will continue.

Another dealer offered me the product to speed up the cycle and I made the post for interest sake. I am not cutting corners.

Thanks for the advice and I respect your view. However, as someone who has had a nano marine fish only tank for some time and has spent lots of time seeing the impact of animals and on water quality I will take my own path.