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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by Howard on 4/4/2009 11:26:41

Don't cycle the tank with creatures in it ...

Corals are animals , not plants , hermit crabs are animals as are snails , none of them appreciate living in their own waste.

Cycling with animals is an outdated concept and one that should be shunned.

Can i just say , that from your title of your thread it seems you may be lacking patience , and that is the one thing you need with marines or you will end up with heartache down the line.

You cannot cut corners in the marine world , algae in new tanks is just a fact of life while everything stabilises , just a part of the bigger picture , and in some ways is neccesary.

I would find a new LFS if they are advising you to have creatures in there during the cycle , it is unethical and completely outdated , god knows what else they will recommend in the future.

If you have live rock in there , you don't need to be adding flake food , this just shows how out of touch they are. When you add the live rock , the small amount of die off of the organisms within the rock provides the ammonia source and the cycle goes from there. Adding flake will just make the LR work harder during the cycle , and make it take longer in actual fact.

'Perfect' water tests ? what does this mean ? when you are talking about water results , you need to post up the results each time .... one mans 'perfect' is another mans 'terrible'

Get the corals and the CUC out , and do it properly.

Sorry if this seems harsh , but it will stand you in better stead in the future ... the whole point of a clean up crew is that they clean up the algae that forms , that is why they are called a clean up crew.

Just fed up of reading about people trying to do it quickly. You are dealing with fishes lives , you owe it to them to do it properly , and learn how it all works and what they need or you will end up with problems and deaths.