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Re: Short cut to cycle tank?

Subject: Re: Short cut to cycle tank?
by Hodgey1978 on 4/4/2009 7:24:52

Thanks for the advice. The live rock I have is fantastic - lots of growth all over it and really good colours. Loads of stuff is coming out of it too and there is even some coral growth on it which suprisingly seems to be coming back.

The tanks dealers suggestion is to cycle the tank for 3-4 months using a limited number of hardy soft corals, LR, the clean up crew and just adding a tiny bit of flake food every so often. The reason for doing this is because he says that it prevents algae problems which can occur on new tanks. I am going along with this partly because over time I have had some issues with my fish only nano tank which at one point developed some horrible red slime algae which grew on some of the tank decorations - now thankfully gone!

All water tests are perfect and have been throughout the two weeks I have had the tank - ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ph, O2, etc. I have a large skimmer in the sump though and am amazed how much waste it is producing considering hardly any food is being added.