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Re: Raised Pond made from railway sleepers

Subject: Re: Raised Pond made from railway sleepers
by dundeejamie on 24/3/2009 22:16:24

hi have you checked out this post
http://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... hp?topic_id=20783&forum=8
i made a similar pond last year to what your doing but changed my mind from railway sleepers to fence strainer posts at 10 ft long i concreted the bottom log into place first then dug the hole after, 2ft below ground and 2 ft above the logs are laid in a brick pattern then drilled and screwed through with 600 mm bolts its never moved at all even when the ice was 40mm thick on top i put sand on the bottom and 2"polystyrene sheets from b&q for 50p an 8x4ft sheet i did the sides aswell