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Raised Pond made from railway sleepers

Subject: Raised Pond made from railway sleepers
by stupot on 24/3/2009 16:07:21

Hi all my name is Stu. My project for this summer is to make a raised pond in my garden and help and advice is needed.. I am thinking of using 250x125x3000 sleepers stacked three high on two sides and 250x125x2600 stacked three high at each end. Av aquired a 4 bay filter including a vortex, blagdon air pump, skimmer,UV, sequance pump, inline basket fillter and some other stuff of my friend.
This will be the first pond i have done and i have some questions that some of you mite be able to help me with ??
1>Do i need a concrete base ? or can i just dig a hole ?
2>What is the best way to fix the railway sleepers to the gronud ? and to eachother ?
If you have done a project like this and have some good advise then please pass in on....