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Re: Raised Pond made from railway sleepers

Subject: Re: Raised Pond made from railway sleepers
by dundeejamie on 25/3/2009 19:56:26

thats not a bad price but i'd go and see them before buying as they tend to bend if their left outside to long and once they bend you'll never straight'n them again also they need to be pressure treated aswell i bought the 12ft posts but the diffrence in price between the 9 and the 12ft is considerable i had to order them in especially i also planed a 2"wide flat onto the top and bottom along the length of the log to make them easier to stack and bought lenghts of threaded galvanised bar for the bolts to tie it all together as bolts that length were extortionatly priced if you need any other advice i'd be happy to help