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Re: Apple snail information

Subject: Re: Apple snail information
by Anon on 3/5/2010 23:18:22

Like any other aquatic animals apple snails need specific requirements in water quality, not least the calcium content. This means the water required for them should be rich in calcium, and a high PH. PH should be around 8.5 and GH should be 12- 18 degrees of hardness at least. This is required for the shell to grow properly, if the water is soft the shell will become weak and the snail will not survive. Temperature needs to be at best 82C but no less than 78C. If cared for properly they can grow to a diameter of over 5", so a big tank is required. 15" tall minimum and 30" long, they only require water twice the depth of the shell, but they also require space above that free of water so that the snail can leave the water to lay its eggs. A tight fitting lid is essential, as snails can get out of the tank by pushing up on loose fitting covers. They can do severe damage to their shells when they hit the floor. A good diet of vegetation should be supplied regularly.