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Re: sidewards koi carp

Subject: Re: sidewards koi carp
by Jason- lager-nought on 21/1/2009 19:29:27

Hi Fredrick,

The size of the outlet on the fishmate 7000 pump I am using is "1 1/4" inch and this gives a very fast flow. The outlet on the tank I am using, which is an old 50 gallon water tank is probably not far off this size.

I have one pipe on the water tanks outlet that splits into three, This was to cope with the input of the pump. I was just thinking before replying, that I could re-plumb and adjust the pipework to flow straight into the pond. However, if the weather starts to mild, should I re-adjust?

As for the koi, I would say that it was giving the usual struggle in the net and in my hands as my smaller koi give.