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Re: sidewards koi carp

Subject: Re: sidewards koi carp
by Jason- lager-nought on 21/1/2009 17:37:11

Hi Fredick_more

Thanks for the replies to my posts.

The fish was feeding and was more active leading upto the winter months. However, It is very hard to gauge now, as I am personally not feeding the fish, and the fish by nature are trying to keep warm at the bottom of the pond.

I went out and caught the fish this morning to see if i could see any external problems. In my opinion, i could not see anything that strikes me as an ailment.

I have taken note of your other reply regarding feeding and will feed accordingley.

What is the general fix for the koi carp problem that you have stated, Or is it to hard to define without more details? I can supply more details requested.

In response to the other post about waterfalls. I have my 7000 litre an hour pump 20 mm from the surface of the pond water, however, it feeds a uv light, 50 gallon tank and foam filters etc. The output of the tank then feeds the waterfall. So I might have a catch 22 situtation here!!!

Thanks for the help fredick.