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Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos?????

Subject: Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos?????
by Goldnugget on 6/1/2009 17:06:27

That's really shocking stocking advice for a 40l...

Unfortunately your not the first to receive bad advice or no advice at all from a pet shop, very few truly care or know enough about fish to ethically sell them. Its up to us to make sure we learn what we can to pick up the slack.

Guppy's and a Betta would be a no no in my book, especially in a tank so small, your really not leaving yourself with an awful lot of options to be honest. Are you after algae eaters because you have recurring algae problems? If so buying fish to eat it is usually the worst thing you can do, some alga are inedible and won't be touched, what is eaten is only converted to nutrients by the fish and excreted into the water to fuel more algae.

No chance at all of an upgrade on the tank size? It will give you something to work with and make sure the fish you have get the best...