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Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos?????

Subject: Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos?????
by Dazzler83 on 6/1/2009 15:40:46

my original shopping list i found from several sources on the net was a common plec, betta m/f red tail shark 6-8 guppie, 8-10 tetra. this was based on a 40 ltr tank
i dont at the moment have any algae eaters in the tank i did have a common plec but he got over 6" and that was just to bug all he did was sit on the tank wall and sit still he is now at the local aqua centre awaiting a home that can house him well.! as for the shark the place that i found him the girl who sold me informed me that he will grow no more than 4-4 1/2" in length if it will become over 7" then i'll have to re house him with my friends fishys he has a comunity of sharks in a huge tank almost a whole length of his livingroom. as for the guppy's and tetras they were sold to me by the same shop and was informed that they live well and interact with each other which they are but no information was given about the ph levels and individual requirements. the tetras also seem to be fine with my betta they seem to be swiming around together there is no evidence of any fin nipping the betta looks better and better if thats possible so maybe the tetras can go to a new home also which will leave me with the Betta and the Guppies but i still need algae eaters sugestions?