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Re: Fragging Coral?

Subject: Re: Fragging Coral?
by Freakyshrimp on 18/11/2008 11:48:17

Torch coral is quite brittle and should snap off easily at the lowest point that you can manage, if not just take a junior hacksaw to it. All your soft corals just cut a bit off with sharp scissors (if you can remove them from the tank while you do this would be best)if not make sure you've got some carbon in your filter. Re-attach your frags to small bits of live rock with elastic bands or fishing line. If your mushrooms are refusing to spread point a powerhead at them, they don't like it very much so will start moving across the rocks leaving small bits of foot behind which will turn into new shrooms. Or if you are impatient just cut the top off the shroom leaving the base behind, it will grow a new head, then put your shroom tops into a small tub of brocken live rock/shells, cover with mesh and leave them to attach. HTH