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Fragging Coral?

Subject: Fragging Coral?
by EagleC on 18/11/2008 9:30:06

I have a Devils Finger that I have successfully fragged but I'm not sure about the others. Actually that's a lie. I didn't frag it, Dory my Tang fragged it for me and the bits grew on their own, so my involvement was very minimal.

Resized Image
Anyway point is it seems that if I want to frag Devil's Finger I just lop a bit off and glue it to a rock or leave it on a rock to attach itself.

The others I've got are :-
Torch Coral, I understand with this one I could break a head off at the base as each head is its own entity. Not planning to do this, just want to know how.

Resized Image
This Finger Leather. It's likely I have to do this one soon. Lop a bit off again?

I've got an encrusting leather too. It coats the top surface of some reef bone. This has spread to an adjacent rock on its own so should I put a bit of rock next to it then cut it away after it spreads?

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Mushrooms: There are about 8 mushrooms on this rock but they don't seem keen on going anywhere else on their own. These are probably the most confusing to me.

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Xenia. Not a clue?!

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Old photo but more mushrooms of a different type and a little pussy? Not ready yet but I'd still like to know

Any hints tips and links gratefully received