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Re: baby carpet python wont feed

Subject: Re: baby carpet python wont feed
by longhairedgit on 23/10/2008 7:08:39

Snake sausages are handy for those poor feeders, shove one in, the rest follow. Probably better if it doesnt go to force feeding, but you can nearly always force feed a snake if needs must. Personally i'd never let a snake starve to death because its under stress, sometimes a force feed can be necessary, and it must be done, anorexia in reptiles is common when under stress, and you can usually get them past it as long as conditions and privacy needs are met.GWA'S braining trick is a good one, gets lots of snakes feeding, though granted I just shove the tohgs through the mouses skull and give it a squeeze so the brain pops out a bit, its a bit safer than having sharp sheared bones. You can also warm them to blood temperature in warm water, that sometimes gets em going.There's also "scenting" , if you know someone with a chunky lizard, especially a skink, get them to give you some freshly sloughed skin and rub it on the prey item.

First need to check if theres any physical/metabolic reason its not feeding, whats the viv set up? Whats the average temps/basking temps? Relative humidity? Decor? Has it been handled at all? Does it have lights, and if so how long are they on for? Pics of viv and snake will help.