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Re: Where do I go from this disaster zone?

Subject: Re: Where do I go from this disaster zone?
by lilgoldy on 3/9/2008 11:26:07

I wonder if it was NTD? read this from the care sheet. But LHG will have way more info than me.

Unfortunately, neon tetras are occasionally afflicted by the so-called "Neon Tetra Disease" (NTD) or Pleistophora which is usually fatal to the fish, and currently without a cure. This sporozoan disease is caused by Pleistophora hyphessobryconis.Note that there is a so-called "false neon disease", which is bacterial, and shows very similar symptoms. It is impossible for the home aquarist to determine for certain the difference between NTD and false NTD on the basis of visible symptoms alone, without laboratory backup. This disease has also been confused with Columnaris (mouth rot, mouth fungus, 'flex').