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Re: Bloated Golden Orfe

Subject: Re: Bloated Golden Orfe
by Andy.Pyke on 11/9/2008 0:25:24

Just thought I'd bring you up to date.

Have had a trip to the vets, her opinion was the it was more than likely that the fish has developed a tumor.
Risk, low chances of survival and cost to operate mean I don't think I can do anything if this is the case.

However she did say there was a chance that the problem was caused by constipation or a tape worm.

I've isolated the fish and am in the middle of a 5 day anti-parasite course and am buying bloodworms to deal with these possible causes.

My dilema now is whether I should reintroduce the fish to the pond or put it down (it doesn't seem particularly distressed but I don't want to put the rest of the fish at risk). If I did the latter would it be appropriate to send in a picture of a disection so that someone could tell me if there is a possible risk to the rest of my fish?
The garden centre fish store have recommended that I dose the main pond with anti-parasite chemicals, I'm not convinced, preferring a natural environment.

Regards Andy