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Re: Clown Loach & Waterlife Medication

Subject: Re: Clown Loach & Waterlife Medication
by longhairedgit on 19/7/2008 20:57:02

Well there are diseases that because of movement style, habits of adhering to decor, and because of being present in faeces, and direct contact or bite related transmission that UV wont stop.

Therefore UV cannot be relied upon to stop all diseases, and is therefore not totally necessary in standard aquaria, but for those people who own sensitive species, who die when exposed to meds for whitespot, oodinium, and finrot and fungus infections, anything containing copper, formalin, and organic dyes, you be an utter bloody fool not to have an ultraviolet steriliser.

In fishkeeping , whitespot, oodinium, and fungus are as common as the flu, and its almost inevitable that most peoples fish will get one of them at some point, even if they only caught it off a batch of new plants, and on that day the sensitive fish may die from the meds.Clown loaches, knifefish, rays, sensitive catfish- people, just GET a UV system. It will odds on save your fish's life at some point. Its also very handy to have it for their QT on aquisition. With fish that are sensitives its a very good idea to give them a sybstrate free tank with no porous surfaces and heavy rated UV. Dont forget while many shops have UV, they dump hundreds of fish in and out of their system day in and day out, move plants around, dont treat with meds properly, and chances are their UV is not sufficiently rated for their systems total capacity and flow rate, and it becomes your job to use UV better than they have on your fish's aquisition to make sure they are genuinely free of common parasites like whitespot.

Something the shop cannot guarantee because they stock in a way and use UV in a way that negates much of its contagion controlling benefits. Their concern is that the UV on their systems keeps the fish appearing healthy, and symptoms subdued, thats not the same as truly using UV to protect fish or completely ending parasite breakouts by ensuring the usage level is high and complete enough - and especially important -LONG ENOUGH, to kill every last parasite. If you want UV to work for you , you have to apply it in a way that breaks chains of infection, including consideration for the amount of time parasites take to mature, or will remain dormant.

Using UV successfully requires extended periods, a fish on a shop system for a week will have symptoms subdued, but may still carry surface protozoa, they will survive, and when they get back to your place- reproduce unhindered. Their UV was causing percentile losses of parasite neonates , enough to stop much of the visible infection, but probably didnt completely end it.

The "no quarantine, bung it on the system straight from supplier, sell it a few days later" ethic will not stop the transmission chain, you have to do it at home.