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Re: Clown Loach & Waterlife Medication

Subject: Re: Clown Loach & Waterlife Medication
by longhairedgit on 11/10/2007 21:44:00

Well the long and short of it is that protozin contains organic dyes , and organic dyes are categorically not safe for use with scaless catfish or scales loaches for that matter. There are , and will always be select individuals for whom a dose of protozin will be too much. Their circulation will radically be affected , some will survive it , other will lose patches of skin, some will fall apart, and some will die. In forums on other sites weve run into this one time and again and I feel utterly confidant in saying that there is NO med safe for use with clown loaches , momyrids, rays, and various catfish. There are only those that are safer than others, and fish that are more resistant than others. Some get away with using treatments on such fish, others dont.Its a matter of personal resistance for the fish. Depending on how certain meds work, using meds at half dose sometimes has simply no effect.

The bottom line, and the thing that keepers of rays, loaches, cats and mormyrids are avoiding worldwide is that before you even consider keeping such fish you really should consider a decent quarantine period of two months as standard, for fish as well as plants, or a grade of ultraviolet steriliser rated correctly.for the volume of your tank, and the flow of your filter outlet.

Until that particular idea sinks in , many keepers worldwide will lose their fish to treatments. When you use a treatment that contains organic dyes for parasite killing duties, you are always, always, taking a risk.

Its the truth, and since people dont want to spend money on UV or limit the choice of fish they buy, they just wont hear it. Trust me , a similar arguement about what meds to use are going on , on just about every forum everywhere in the world. There is as yet, no completely safe anti whitespot treatment for scaless fish. I persoanlly had a giraffe catfish fall to pieces last year because I had to take the risk, and I personally know two people who have lost clown loaches to protozin, but equally they had others that survived the treatment.

Prevention is better than cure, and that means real quarantine, and decent UV. Reckon the average stat for protozin is that it kills about 1 in 25. Seen hundreds of cases. When you see how few truly adult clown loaches there are in the world, youll know it to be true.

We are killing them worldwide in droves, by avoiding quarantine, not equipping ourselves properly with the correct equipment for common and yet sensitive fish like knifefish and clowns, and by using treatment excessively when it is completely possible to avoid it treatments of this nature with these fish. The human race , is as ever , happy to lose a few fish for the sake of the budget.

Such is life, at least until the message gets through.