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mini worms in my filter box???

Subject: mini worms in my filter box???
by Sean on 9/6/2008 20:23:25

Hi all. Had a little peak the other day at my filter box, as you do to see hows things are getting along.

Where the water flows over one part of the plastic filtration system there are literally hundreds and hundreds of tiny little worm type things clinging to the plastic in the flow of the water. Brown in colour.

As I wonrdered what they were I scooped them all up, well most of them, and had a look, put them in the pond and I think the fish ate them (goldfish, comets, koi).

I them looked the day after and they are back again, same amount as before. Is this a good thing or a bad thing, where are they coming from?

My pond water is very clear, the fish are happy, I dont have any issues thus far.

Will get a picture soon