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Subject: Cycling
by imblindio on 4/6/2008 18:46:38

Hi all, I have a female Malawi Cichlid that has been holding for over a week now, and I want to get her into a quarantine tank so that we can save as much of the fry as possible. Usually when we have babies they are all gone pretty quickly.

My dad has a tank I can use but obviously it has not been cycled yet.

We have washed the filter (since the tank has been used before) and can fill it with water from the main tank, so my question is would this be safe to put the fish into? Will the fact that the water is already cycled mean that it is safe for the fish whilst the filter gets up to speed? Or is there a chance the filter itself will chuck out anything harmful into the water before the bacteria etc are established?

Thanks as always...