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Re: ok made my hole now what

Subject: Re: ok made my hole now what
by fredrick_more on 29/5/2008 8:27:33

For filter boxes you have three options really;

Gravity Feed Filters; These work by having the filters at the same level as the top of the water level in the pond, then you have a pump at the end returning the water to the pond. These are the best but most most expensive as they require to be built in when the pond is being made.

Pressuized Filters; These have a pump in the pond pumping water threw a pressuized filter, these allow the outlet of the filter to be higher than the filter, meaning they are easily hiden ang again these are pricey.

Gravity Outlet Filters; Like the pressuized filters, pump sits in the pump and pumps to a box, however with gravity outlet filters the outlet needs to be higher than the highest point of the pond (e.g. a waterfall etc.)