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ok made my hole now what

Subject: ok made my hole now what
by goody5555 on 28/5/2008 22:48:15

hi i am new to this fishkeeping
well i have removed my earth from my pond area 3.4m X 2m X 0.75m deep aprox 5100L the pond is 75% below ground with 25% above with breeze block wall faced with york stone i now need some help with liners which one to go for pvc rubber ? which pump? filter system? budget about ?250.
would not ask but my head is spinning i have read that many threads and am now confused (ps my wife is not happy with the big pile of muck so need this sorting quickly told her i will build a walled flower bed to use the soil so please help me soon or i am in trouble)
will post pics of my build asp