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Re: Bloated fish dying!

Subject: Re: Bloated fish dying!
by longhairedgit on 11/5/2008 4:05:08

Looks like massive gasous bloating of the gut, possibly temperature,(temps have certainly been on a radical rise around the country this week) disease or diet related, so we will need to start getting into it some.

If this is hapening to multiple fish I assume egg production issues are out of the question even though the season isnt out of order, but its unlikely a number of fish would show egg related issues all at once, far more likely is an environmental cause, so any water quality readings you can get would be very useful, especialy temperature, if its constipation related its best addressed via diet, and Id doubt its parasitic as the fish are of otherwise good weight.

Id lay good money on it being down to the recent temp hike and possibly a bacterial reaction and oxygen saturation issue related to that hike. Get us the water readings and we can show you the best way to go about getting into it, in te meantime id get the pond a bit of shelter, even if it involves screening it off a little with corrugated sheeting, and try dropping in a whacking great airstone just to get the worst off the temp shock. Fish would have to be checked on a response basis after that, and possibly antibacterial pond treatments considered. Also stick with winter wheatgerm feeding for now, it will help with blockages, might even be worth giving a break from feeding altogether until the fish begin to metabolically righting themselves.

This is a big response even to the recent temp hike so please make sure you get those water readings, a decent API test kit and a decent thermometer should give you some good readings to go off if you havent got a kit. The pond is above ground and I assume it faces the sun for a good proportion of the day, so it will be very helpful to know its depth, and if it has a fundamental design flaw in its thermodynamics that could be making fish survivability within it difficult. It might be rectified easily with a pond cover, but we would still need to know the stats. It might hav a cooling issue in its design, might well find that day/ night temp drops and khikes are initiating the issues with the fish and bacterial infections taking the problem the rest of the way. Temp reading taken at midday and before dawn would be very useful. A full mention of stocking will help too.

Gotta say though, even if it has a thermic issue , I love the looks of the pond, very sexy .Bet that garden get bloody hot when the suns out though.