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Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice

Subject: Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice
by jonnyunlimited on 7/5/2008 12:45:09

Last night I split the tank with a glass divider leaving room for water to circulate. Added a powerhead (i'll get an extra filter today) that should help the circulation and put a 50w heater in each side. Used all the plants to create a visual barrier. There are plenty of hidy holes on either side.

The Aggressive ram can still see the other from time to time and when he does, he/she immediately tries to find a way through. The subordinate backs off from the partition and chills out as best he can at a safe distance. I know this situation is far from ideal for either of them but at least the subordinate can escape. I haven't had to move them. I'm going to stock up on plants at lunch time to make a thick hedge and call the LFS where the rams came from about a possible swap. Long term I can't see how much better they will be in a 100ltr - I guess there will still be bullying but as you say the fish are stressed out from the move. Perhaps they will establish their own territories in time and before one ends up stressing the other to death.

Could go on but I'm at work - not had chance to read LHG's advice to you on your rams yet, do you have a link to the thread pls. Thanks :)