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Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice

Subject: Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice
by TetraLinz on 7/5/2008 8:35:09

At the risk of sounding like I'm only repeating what LHG told me, Rams stay stressed for weeks. They don't fully get over a move for 3 weeks or more. I don't think you can fully grasp that until you witness it for yourself. I certainly couldn't. My point is, don't move them to a substandard tank that could explode with the water pressure. Get them another tank that's fit for use. The less you have to move them, the better.

Don't enclose a Ram. They don't take it too well. If you must seperate them, put a tank divider right down the middle of the tank. That would be 30ltrs on either side. Even that's too small, really. Ramses survived in the Q Tank (30ltrs - as it happens), but he wasn't really active. He didn't have the room to be - and he was on his own.

Tbh, I'd just provide as many hiding places as you can, and keep a close eye on them. The minnows might distract the aggressor's attention long enough to give the subordinate a chance to escape.