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Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice

Subject: Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice
by jonnyunlimited on 7/5/2008 0:06:16

Thanks Linz

Temprature was at for the minows 22. Recently I added the shrimp and apple smail. I eased it up to 26 over a couple of days with a veiw to adding the rams. Never really intended to push the minnows up to tropical temps but since I'd read this was fine and minows made good tank mates for the rams.

Since I upped to 26 the minows have been egg laying like crazy. At a squeeze I can always temp. rehouse them in the 150ltr with two addolecent fancies and 5 meteor minows but they seem to be fine at 26.

I'm going to add the extra decor and keep an eye on the rams over night. If needs must I can make a 1/3 perforated enclosure for the agressor ram and bung a powerhead in there to keep the circuation going but its a last resort.

Can't get back to the lfs untill the weekend but I'll be on the phone to them in the morning! I've a spare 150 ltr but it has a small crack neer the top left corner and dare not fill it for fear of a burst. Perhaps I could re enforce it with glass patch and plenty of gaffer then only 2/3rds fill. I'll get some extra filtration maturing Tomor at least...

Who's more stressed - the fish or us?