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Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice

Subject: Re: Rams: Bullying, Sexing & General Advice
by TetraLinz on 6/5/2008 22:18:47


jonnyunlimited wrote:
Gunna have a look through Tetra Linz's posts for some pointers. Get a picture up later tonight. Thanks :)


I feel famous now

OK. Males and females - quite a few differences. Females have the pink belly area, and blue dots inside the black (not sure if that's only in mature females or not). Males are generally larger than females.

http://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/modules/ ... esheet.php?caresheetID=81

Sounds like you have 2 of the same sex tbh, and the aggressor is asserting his dominance over the subordinate. Not good in cichlids. I'd get that bigger tank up and running ASAP. Or even better, take one of them back and get a definate female. In the meantime, over-decorate that tank. The more plants, caves, plant pots that you can fit in there, the better. The subordiante needs the visual barriers to get away from the dominant.

What's the tank temp? Rams prefer higher temps than some other tropical fish (and definately more than WCMMs). Ramses' tank is running at 26*C.

Watch out for the subordinate staying under the filter, or in hiding and never/hardly ever coming out. It'll probably happen over the course of no more than a week. If this happens, the fish is highly stressed and you have to act fast before the fish dies. Start planning that bigger tank now.