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Re: Borelli Update

Subject: Re: Borelli Update
by TetraLinz on 10/5/2008 8:20:17

Another update.

Yep, I've still got them They're settling in very nicely now and I'm starting to relax. Sherlock the male is beginning to colour up, and he's often at the front of the tank (especially when I'm there. He stops swimming, and turns to confront me with a staring competition - he invariably wins, too ). Seems to me like he's chosen the middle of the tank as his territory, spanning from the edge of the A. Swords on the left, to the Cabomba forest on the right.

The week started off with the barbs nudging him out of the way to get to food (the females - never noticed Hannibal doing anything like that), but that's stopped now. Sherlock just lets them feed in peace and gets out of their way, (I feed him seperately while the shoalers are too busy feeding to notice) while the barbs don't try and get anything that's underneath Sherlock, lol.

As for Hannibal, I witnessed such a treat today. (For those of you who don't know, Hannibal is my male cherry barb, and he's far too aggressive for his own good. He and his unruly females are the reason why Ramses is in his own tank - after they nipped my veiltail Ram Aries to death, and then started attacking Ramses - who stood there and let them ).

Anyway, back to the update. 2 female barbs were hanging around Sherlock. Hannibal being Hannibal, he chased them . . . then turned to take on Sherlock. Sherlock flared his fins . . . and Hannibal stopped in his tracks and turned away, finding the activity on the other side of the tank so much more interesting that a fight with a cichlid

Meanwhile, the female's taken up residence in the mopani wood that borders Hannibal's Corner. I hardly see her - just for the odd moment before she disappears again. I had one such lucky moment when I turned the lights on this morning. She was in front of the mopani wood, foraging, but when I went to get the pellets, she was gone. She appears to be doing well. I tried to feed her on Tuesday or Wednesday - deliberately putting food a few inches from her, while Sherlock was busy giving me an evil look from the left hand side of his territory, lol, but as soon as the food was released, he came in and nicked it before she had a chance

OK, you can wake up now I'll stop boring you all.