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Borelli Update

Subject: Borelli Update
by TetraLinz on 4/5/2008 16:51:36

For those of you who don't know, I'll start from the beginning

After a week in quarantine, the female Borelli started hiding behind the filter, in the darkest part of the tank. When I saw her at all, she was just a dark silhouette. I became increasingly concerned about her stress levels, so on Thursday night, I moved her and the male (Sherlock-Shakespeare - one of them will be dropped when I decide which one he's more like ) over to the 44gal.

I left the lights off until yesterday to give them time to de-stress a bit. When I turned them on yesterday, I was happy to see first the male (but he's the more adventurous and daring of the 2 anyway), who, after the barbs demonstrated that the bloodworm I placed on the gravel actually WASN'T poisoned, chased a barb away from some of HIS bloodworm polished it off, and went off on a wander - and then, about half an hour later - I saw the female, looking much more content and relaxed. She was at the front of the tank, just above the java fern, and apparently felt right at home

This morning, when I turned the lights on, I was surprised to see the female was pale yellow with no black marking, and swam right in front of the male in what I now think was courtship behaviour. Didn't think anything of it until now - I just put it down to the lights just going on and the female showing pale colouration from the night, but now I'm wondering if it was courtship behaviour because she and the male have just enjoyed an apparently pleasant little swim in the bogwood together

Maybe I should just call them Romeo and Juliet and be done with it