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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by longhairedgit on 30/3/2008 23:47:53

Well yes a 150 plus would be eventually required and it will save money in the long run to go directly for that tanksize if the fish are not to be given away, but if the fish are young perhaps a compromised size might see the fish through the next few years on the understanding that those sort of total gallonages are unavoidable.

Perhaps a picture of the existing tank and fish would be the quickest way of assessing a rough guestimate, seeing as most inches of fish per gallon rules are valueless when it comes to goldfish. Perhaps run another 55 gal in addition to the 30 gallon, that way I assume there will be some growing room, the filter in the old aquarium will run more efficently and you can use the old tank to seed the new, possibly easing some of the fishs transition to new accomodations.