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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by cathie on 30/3/2008 22:46:42

What FairgroundFish suggested first is right, partial water change of 40% ASAP - since you probably haven't got much in the way of bacteria at the moment, it won't make much difference that you can't dechlorinate it - although if you put it in bucket and stir it very vigorously first, that will remove some of the chlorine anyhow. This will diute the toxins in the water.

And the salt she and LHG mentioned, as that helps a bit to protect the fish against the effects of nitrite. Not table salt as that has additives, if you have got posh salt in the house e.g. Maldon salt that's fine, otherwise wait to get aquarium salt tomorrow. Since your tank is about 30 gallons, at half a gram per gallon that's 15 grams. Dissolve it in some water from the kettle first, then add some tank water to cool the solution before adding to tank.