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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by FairgroundFish on 30/3/2008 22:37:53

I think the red fins are a sign of ammonia damage and stress. You will need to change possibly 40% of the water each day and test the water every couple of days until you get ammonia and nitrite readings of nil. The nitrAte reading will then shoot up and during this phase you will also need to change some water until it stabilises at below 40ppm.

Have you managed to get a read of the cycling article yet?

Maybe some Melafix to try to help the fish with the fins and possibly some aquarium salt? I think LHG mentioned salt, it helps support the fish thru this bad time. I don't think they really have an illness a such, but are reacting to the toxic water which will be irritating them.

Someone with more experience will advise further. I have not been posting for a while and have lost a bit of confidence for the time being with suggesting things.

edit: If we lived in the same town I would come round now with some sponge full of lovely friendly bacteria! I have loads of mature filter media (sponges) I keep just in case. (See you lot? Huge Juwel filter boxes do come in handy for something!)