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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by FairgroundFish on 30/3/2008 22:09:29

Each common goldfish needs 10 gallons of water. Each fancy, 8 gallons.
Goldies are best suited to ponds for this reason. I had two lovely goldies initially when I started out and was sad to have to turn them out into a pond.

The rumour the goldfish will only grow to the size of it's surrounding is nonsense. The external body of the fish may do this, but his internal organs won't, they will keep going, causing cramping of all the organs and organ failure - obviously not a nice way to go.

LHG is a fishkeeping expert so what he says goes!
What he says is 100% correct I am afraid.

They also require a more powerful filter as they are pooing machines. You need to 'over-filter' for goldies.

You can get the API Test kit on ebay quite cheaply though I got mine in Pets at Home for just under 20 notes.

Just read you latest post. Does that mean plain tap water has been added to the tank and you have been washing the filter out under the tap?
Think you may have uncycled the tank too.
Did the guy who gave you tha tank give you any bottles of potions or any care advice at all?

Don't panic by the way, not your fault!