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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by TetraLinz on 30/3/2008 21:27:53

Hi Jenny. Welcome to FK

It sounds like ammonia and/or nitrite problems. Both are very toxic to the fish and will kill them if nothing's done about it. They restrict the amount of oxygen a fish gets from the water, and causes them to gasp at the surface. They can also cause haemorragic septoceamia (blood streaks) that you're seeing in the fins.

Stingray filters are pretty much useless - especially for goldies. You'll need a good external filter that can deal with tanks double the size of yours in order to be able to deal with the waste of the fish.

* Have you got a test kit, or the results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH?
* Do you use dechloronator?

If it is ammonia or nitrite poisoning, you'll need to carry out daily water changes of 15% until the ammonia and nitrite are 0. Aquarium salt will help against nitrite poisoning, but I believe it won't do much about ammonia poisoning.

EDIT: Glad you can work out the capacity LHG, because I couldn't