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Re: Red fins and scales

Subject: Re: Red fins and scales
by longhairedgit on 30/3/2008 21:27:42

I assume the tank youve got is roughly a 30 gallon regular and you have enough goldfish in it for 150 gallons plus, so the most likely problem is the present level of ammonia and nitrite, plus nowhere near enough surface area for efficient breathing.

The ultimate answer is of course to pass some fish on, or get a bigger aquarium and larger filter, as the fish mature and grow these problems will become increasingly severe and youll lose most of the fish. A moderate amount of salt in the meantime (half a gram per gallon will do) will aleviate some of the consequences of nitrite toxicity, but you will be fighting a losing battle until those numbers of fish and their environment size are addressed.

Youll need to get a decent water testing kit, api's master test kit is a good one, and includes four test types ammonia, ph, nitrite and nitrate, all of which you need to know the levels of.

The readings should ideally be ph 7.5, ammonia nil, nitrite nil, and nitrate less than 40 ppm, and youll probably have a combination of water too acidic, very high in nitrate and the ammonia and nitrite levels will be considered lethal, even with a regular water change regimen you will be unable to keep up with the nitrate production and ultimately your fishs gills will be damaged, and their bloodstream chemistry changed so that they are less able to use oxygen efficiently.

Your basically overstocked, and theres only two real solutions to that, reduce the number of fish radically, or buy a much larger aquarium. Anything else pretty much leads to dead fish, guaranteed.