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Red fins and scales

Subject: Red fins and scales
by Jellybean on 30/3/2008 20:58:56

Hi I am new to this and at present am very worried about my tank please can anyone help.
My brother has given me his fish tank which is well established 10-12 years, the tank is 140,000 = 1m x 350x 400, the tank was transported to me 4 weeks ago 2/3rd empty with the fish in the remaining water, the journey of a couple of miles was ok, the tank was refilled and all was well, all the fish survived and have been very happy and active, there has been no new members added to the tank for over 12 months and they all get on great. The largest is a golden carp approx 20cm there are also large goldfish approx 15cm ranging down to small gold fish and one fancy. I have cleaned the tank on a weekly basis emptying apporx 1/3 rinsing the plants and ornaments and flushing the filter though, all was well until couple of days ago when I noticed the fish gasping at the top, as the tank was clear I decided to exchange 2 buckets of water to freshen it up, this I did and noticed that the larger fish have deep red veins in all fins and the spine scaled along there back, so far I have not been able to work out what it could be the fish are still gasping at the top and all have energetic moments whizzing around and some brush across the gravel on the bottom. I have a stingray filter and an air pump which works but does not produce a great amount of bubbles, could it be too little oxygen or maybe too much.
Please help I really don?t want to loose any of the fish, by the way there are 13 fish in total, who are fed dried pellet food.

Thank you in advance for any advise anyone can offer.