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Re: Wooden raised pond project

Subject: Re: Wooden raised pond project
by EagleC on 7/3/2008 23:23:10

Hi there, welcome to the site.

Neither ponds or coldwater fish are my area really so I'm sure someone will be along with better advice later

for what its worth anyway:-
Given the normally athletic nature of large common goldfish I'd be tempted to give them a 2m long pond if possible. Also the depth should be at least 90cm to protect them from the cold of winter. Preferably below ground level for the extra insulation. This obviously doesn't mean you cant have your 58cm above ground too, just dig down 40-50cm first.

If you go for the 2m length then either end can be a shallower shelf with some aquatic plants in pots or planters sunk under the water surface. You can get a few plants that grow up from under the water to several feet above. This would give you the extra water volume and swim area whilst allowing you the plants for aesthetics, shelter and water quality.

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