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new tank, cichlids maybe spawning?

Subject: new tank, cichlids maybe spawning?
by furiousferret on 21/2/2008 17:46:48

i managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand juwel vision 260. into which i have transplanted my mbuna colony.

the only thing different from the old tank, other than size, is the coral sand im using at the front of the tank, because its pretty.

thing is a couple of (?)females are digging pits in the sand and violently defending them. they have never shown this behaviour before.

in addition to this, a couple of males have started to display to the (?)females and to other males. they do a sort of mad 'dance', swimming round each other and shivering like a demented washing machine.

the thing thats bothering me is that theyve never showed this before, and now theyre in a bigger tank thay're understocked.

i would love fry though.

i have 2 bumblebees (1 M, 1 F)
1 orange blotch white thingy
several cobalt blues and yellow labs
2 mystery zebras (one yellowy purple and one blue)
2 red zebras
2 auratis (1 M, 1 F)
1 johanni (F)
1 elongatis
and one mystery mbuna with a deformed face.
they add up to around 20 fish in total although its hard to count the yellows and blues as they are very similar and very quick.

theres a lot of caves and a couple of plastic plants and a largish bit of wood in it too.

im not sure of sexes except in the auratis, johanni and the bumblebees as the males change colour.

does this sound anything like breeding behaviour and how many more do i need to put in?