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Re: Hard Water

Subject: Re: Hard Water
by Pixie on 5/6/2004 19:50:02

I have the same situation here. Generally, my water is very hard like yours. I worried about it as well to start with but there are more serious problems than that... If you buy your fish from your area, they will be most probably 'used to' the water, so it should not cause big problems. It is very difficult to decrease GH (filter on your tap, rain water, importing water from a soft water area?). My fish has been swimmimng in my hard water for a month and seems very happy and active. I also noticed that GH went down a bit after about 20 days and is lower than the hardness of my tap water. Wonder why? Possibly due to some acids from the waste?(You can test your tap water to check if it is already hard, which is probably the case.)
Have you got any rocks in your tank? These can contribute to high GH readings because some of them release calcium.
Your ph seems great for most goldfish.
Mine is about 8 or above and I was told that it is still fine as they again 'are used to it'provided that they come from a similar environment. Any sudden changes in ph may be dangerous and fish don't like it.
If you want more info on goldfish try thegoldfishbowl.co.uk They have the Atlas of Fish where you can find info on fish profiles and the requirements.
Stay reassured you are not the only novice!
May I ask what happened with your comet?