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Hard Water

Subject: Hard Water
by systemattic on 5/6/2004 18:03:40

Hi Folks...!

I'm a complete Newbie... and need some Advice...

I've got a tank setup and have added a small fantail...

(The tank was setup for a two weeks with a comet in it and then empty for 3 days before I added the fantail....)

I did a dip with my test sticks and everything "seems" fine...

[ The pH is 7.2~7.4 .. is this ok for a fantail...? ]

But the "General Hardness" of the water is high... near or over 16 degrees dH ( er.. whatever that means)

Is this a serious problem for my fantail....?

I've been looking around for some general informaiton on the requirement of fantails... ideal pH, etc... Does anyone know a good online source of info...?

Many Thanks in Advance...