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New challenge, more mini life in the marine tank.

Subject: New challenge, more mini life in the marine tank.
by EagleC on 16/2/2008 22:37:19

First up, this thing was on the rock when I bought it as a little dangle of snot. I tried not to break it off when I posistioned the rock and tried not to pour gravel over it when I do my water change. After several months I can see its grown, about 1cm. Only the brightly coloured top bit has grown. It's now about an inch and a half from rock to tip. So it must still be alive... what is it?Resized Image

Next thing, since the fish moved out quite a lot of these settle on the front glass from time to time. This is the best pic I can get as they're really tiny and the cameras autofocus wont see it. Ever tried using manual focus on a 1.5" LCD ? Trust me, its not easy.
Resized Image

Finally, these things... now I know the thing to the upper right is a tube worm or filter worm of some type but below and more central - sadly also slightly out of focus - are some soft knobbly white things that have grown over the last few weeks.
Resized Image