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Re: Fish grow to the size of the tank?

Subject: Re: Fish grow to the size of the tank?
by longhairedgit on 1/2/2008 0:15:23

I keep hearing people say that fish will only grow to the size of the environment they are in! If this is true then I'm getting a great white! Where do people get this from?

Idiots with no knowledge of fish biology full stop. Easiest question I ever answered that one.lol

I'm not sure whether what TetraLinz said (about organs continuing to grow) is correct

Yup , its correct, many stunted fish die from organ compaction related to liver size, its a well and repeatedly documented fact. Also complicit are immuno loss, maldigestion, circulatory issues, and the long term suffocation and damage effects from the ammonia and nitrite toxicity to a fishs gills, which ultimately may cause permanent scarring, the equivalent to the damage a human takes from TB. This of course (oxygen deficit caused by water quality toxicity) can cause any number of organ failures, and will always drastically shorten the lives of a massive proportion of a fish population. Every tissue in a fishs body can be developmentally affected by the chemical issues of overstock so often implicit with proportionately small aquaria.

But this issue transcends animal welfare, it's cruel full stop.

Cant argue with that one, dead right. No animal should be forced to permanently live in an accomodation, whatever the species, that seriously restricts its movement and swimming style. We dont expect fish to be able to swim for minutes without ever making a turn, or take on a migration, but people keeping fish in unsuitably small tanks should not only be ashamed, but have the bloody minimum level of common sense to correct the situation, and I believe seeing it, and understanding that is almost an instinctive thing for most people, and those that cant , well, they really are basically stupid people with no sense of empathy whatever. Its cruel not only in regards to fish health and fitness, but also massively psychologically cruel, and will undoubtedly affect a fishs normal behaviour in a negative context. It is, most surely, and inexcusably very cruel at any level.