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Re: Shelldwellers anyone?>

Subject: Re: Shelldwellers anyone?>
by lollypop on 30/1/2008 17:40:10

i like the koi place, not so keen on deepdale, there is chiltern aquatics, (not so keen on them anymore either)
then this way you got the dreaded P@h although the local to me is not bad. then you got their aquatic center at hemel, and a bit further on you got a wow. (that was a bit cruddy the fist time i went for a look, but will go again before i make up my mind, there's a couple of places in leighton buzzard. one at a gc and one in the town more of a pet shop i think (never visited those, still on the list) there are a couple of places in luton, one kind of real old school but quite helpfull, weird floral arangments in the tanks, but all seems really good in there.
dont know if that helps or not.
and i spose i gotta say. these are just my personal oppinions on places.