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Re: Modifications Orca/Boyu TL450 skimmer

Subject: Re: Modifications Orca/Boyu TL450 skimmer
by Arjan on 20/1/2008 19:20:03

My experience today!

There where almost no bubbles and no foam.

So I tested the pump without the UV part and without the skimmer part. The pump had a powerfull current so this was not the problem.

I made a new PVC inlet with airtube for the pump and tested it again (without UV). Now the pump gave a powerfull current with lots of bubbles.
Then I took away the PVC part and put on the UV light.
Again lots of bubbles. So I put the pump with UV light back to the skimmer part.
Almost no bubbles ?????????????

I took out the skimmer tube and looked at it carefully.
In the inlet (where the pump is connected) I saw a verry small hole. It was a ring.
I took the ring out and connected everything back together.

You can see the result after a few hours on the pictures.