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filter on juwel 125

Subject: filter on juwel 125
by trigger on 3/6/2004 22:32:34

hi all, my beta went missing, i searched everywhere. the last place i thought of looking was in the filter, and there he was, dead inside. i will realy miss him, he was so friendly, he always came up to my hand when i was doing water changes. this is the second fish i have lost like this, the first was a albino cory, but he was only very small. but i did not think my beta, would be able to get inside the filter. is there anything i can do to stop anymore going inside, i dont know where he has got in. the only place is the pipe that sticks out the front of the filter, but as i said. i did not think my beta would have fitted through that. if anyone can help, would very much appreciated. cheers. takecare. kind regards. trigger.