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Re: Firebelly feeding

Subject: Re: Firebelly feeding
by Wild_Foamy on 3/1/2008 20:07:09

after reading the above comments i tried a different approach to feeding

i cut up some bloodworm and let it defrost on a plate, i then scooped it onto a little wooen spatula and waved it infront of the male newts nose (he was perched up on the castle) and he took a good few bites at it! :D i reloaded the spatula and did the same to the female (who was sat quite happily on the floating treebark) and the took a bit chomp at it and hung onto the spatula :P after a while she started turning her head away from the food which i thought must mean they are full (brainfreeze perhaps? :P)

it seems i was going about this feeding thing all wrong, thanks FK!

although the small injured newt is not wanting to feed and hes looking rather weak