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Re: lhg or any axie owner. pls advise

Subject: Re: lhg or any axie owner. pls advise
by lollypop on 3/1/2008 17:29:20

lol. i wouldnt fancy eatting one.
(bit like snake, isnt that sposed to taste like chicken as well, never did like chicken much, nice rib of beef is more to my liking.)
any ways. thanks for the reply.
have a slight delay. as the blinking pump has packed up again, so im now heming and hawing over wether to nick one of the spares out of the godies tank, (have at least two in each) both tanks been clear thankfully (fx) or just going out to get another filter, (that means starting all over again )
but like i said before forewarned is forarmed.